Chicago Tribune Travel Writer: "Best Place in Town"

CT Magazine
"Does Salt Lake City have "better" restaurants than Red Iguana? Probably. It certainly has more expensive restaurants. But, at the urging of several locals, I visited one night and was treated to a server just as enthusiastic for my love of mole as I am.

She brought out samples of seven different moles -- from classic mole Negro ("the king of moles") to the elaborate red pipian (pumpkin seed mole made with dried guajillo chiles, peanuts, pepita, onions and tomatoes) -- to taste in preparation for ordering. I wound up with one of the best Mexican meals of my life. The locals had steered me right.They were so right that I went back to Red Iguana the next night.

Two nights in a row -- now that's a best place in town, all right."

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